Autism Night at The HeadQuarters Hair Salon!

Looking for a safe, nurturing hair salon that understands cutting the hair of a family member or friend with autism? Live near Wilmington, Delaware? Then The HeadQuarters Hair Salon has a special night just for you.

The last Friday of every month, The HeadQuarters Hair Salon will only service clients with Autism.

Haircuts for people with autism can be traumatic. The wonderful hairstylists at The HeadQuarters Hair Salon are making such haircuts as bearable as possible. During the designated Friday Autism Nights, the salon will only cut hair of clients with autism. There will be no non-ASD clients in the salon, no blow dryers, no background music, no ceiling fans blowing. The salon will also provide picture schedules and fidget toys. Free Wi-Fi is available at the salon so bring your own iPad.

Hair Cut Details:

Kids Cuts Pricing: $15
(under age 12)

Adult Cuts Pricing:
Womens Cut $36 – $42
Mens Cut $18 – $24

The salon has limited availability, and appointments are recommended. Call 302-798-1639, or request an appointment online via Facebook or through The HeadQuarters website,

The salon is located at 1400 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington Delaware, at the intersection of Silverside Road, between Brandywine 100 and Claymont, DE.

A big thank you to the hairstylists at The HeadQuarters Hair Salon for offering this wonderful service!


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