What is WRAP? And What You Need To Know About It!

February 5, 2015

WRAP, which stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan, is a system developed and successfully used by people with a broad range of physical and emotional challenges.

Wellness Recovery Action Plans

Individuals who use the WRAP system learn how to implement self-help skills and to monitor how they feel. This in turn enables them to take control, stay well, and most importantly, improve their quality of life.

Why is WRAP Important?

A personalized WRAP program helps teach an individual how to keep track of difficult feelings and behaviors. Once these feelings and behaviors are recognized, WRAP helps empower the individual to know when, and what, action might need to be taken to achieve a better overall feeling.

Upon execution, a well defined, individualized WRAP helps you to:

  • Decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors
  • Increase personal empowerment
  • Improve quality of life
  • Achieve one’s life goals and dreams

A better understanding of how you feel is instrumental in letting others know when you are not feeling well, which is an integral component to ensuring family and friends better understand you. WRAP can also help you achieve the ultimate goal – to improve your overall enjoyment of life.

How WRAP Works

With the guidance of WRAP certified facilitators, WRAP workshop attendees will develop personalized WRAP plans that best fit their unique needs. An individualized WRAP might include the following components:

  • WRAP ToolboxWellness Toolbox
  • Daily Maintenance Plan
  • Triggers and an Action Plan
  • Early Warning Signs and an Action Plan
  • When Things Are Breaking Down Action Plan
  • Crisis Plan
  • Post Crisis Plan

Most importantly, WRAP is developed by you – for you! You choose who will assist and support you, from family, to friends, to health care providers. WRAP is most effective when utilized and followed by the individual for whom it was intended, and can be instrumental in helping you achieve your best quality of life.

Anyone can develop a personalized WRAP to address a wide range of life issues, including emotional challenges, chronic illness, weight loss, or caring for an elderly family members.

DE Family Voices Offers WRAP Workshops

Delaware Family Voices will be hosting WRAP workshops through-out 2015. These two day workshops will be presented by Wanda Ford, our very own certified WRAP facilitator. Through Wanda’s guidance and assistance, attendees of these ground-breaking workshops will learn how to create their own personalized WRAP programs.

WRAP For Life Book

Begin taking control of your life! Attend one of our  WRAP workshops and learn how to develop your own WRAP, and to live the life you want to live. Contact Wanda Ford at 302-669-3034 or sfn@defv.org for additional information as well as the current WRAP workshop schedule.

NOTE: WRAP is a systemic concept designed to compliment other therapies. It is not designed to replace them. Read more about WRAP at MentalHealthRecovery.com.


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Join Us At LIFE Conference 2015!

December 16, 2014

Do you have a family member with disabilities or work with persons with disabilities? Would you like to learn more on how you can help family, friends or co-workers with disabilities lead their best lives?

LIFE Conference

Then join Delaware Family Voices and many others on Thursday, January 15th, for the 17th annual Delaware LIFE Conference.

What Is LIFE Conference?

LIFE Conference is Delaware’s largest conference devoted to issues faced by children and adults with disabilities. It’s primary goal is to support persons with disabilities, provide relevant information, and educate conference attendees in each of the following four areas:

Legislation: Join in an interactive panel with federal and state policy makers. Learn more about Delaware’s 2015 Policy priorities, and how DART is working on a Transit redesign

Independence Through Assistive Technology (AT): Learn why pediatric based Movement and Mobility related Assistive Technology (MMAT) is the next step for children with disabilities. Learn how to maximize overall accessibility in the community setting, and why access to assistive technology for young children is vital.

Family: Better understand opioid abuse and its treatment options. Learn how to become an empowered self-advocate. Hear about the STAND – Stop The Abuse Now Delaware – initiative.

Education: Learn about state plans to improve results for children with disabilities. Understand how schools are addressing the impact of childhood trauma in the classrooms. Listen to an overview of the DelAWARE DisABILITY Hub.

This one day event brings together a broad assortment of information designed to serve persons with disabilities and their families, as well as resources and knowledge to further help them live LIFE to the fullest.

LIFE Conference Delaware

LIFE Conference is made possible through a joint effort of many Delaware organizations whose primary purpose is to assist and enhance the lives of persons with disabilities and their families.

The LIFE Conference 2015 Agenda

LIFE Conference 2015 attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to Keynote Speaker Michael Gamel-McCormick, Associate Executive Director for Research and Policy at the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, and the Director of the Promise Grant Technical Assistance project.
  • Attend sessions on relevant topics in Legislation, Independence, Family and Education.
  • Hear from a host of speakers and panel members knowledgeable in a wide variety of disabilities needs.
  • Visit exhibitors dedicated to persons with disabilities and their families.
  • Enjoy a lunch full of networking opportunities.

Disabilities Conference

For complete details, check out the LIFE Conference 2015 Agenda and the detailed session topics.

LIFE Conference 2015 Event Details

LIFE Conference 2015 event and registration details are:

When: Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where: Dover Downs Hotel, 1131 North DuPont Highway, Dover DE

Time: 8:00 am to 3:45 pm

General Registration Fees: $50 by January 1, 2015; $75 after January 1st.

Student/Consumer Registration Fees are $25.

Sponsorships are available for select attendees. See below for details

Complete the LIFE Conference 2015 Registration form to reserve a spot.

Got questions about LIFE Conference 2015? Contact LIFE Conference directly at (302) 691-3187.

Announcing DE Family Voices Parent Sponsorships!

Delaware Family Voices is pleased to announce a limited number of sponsorships for families who want to attend the Life Conference, but can not afford it. Travel reimbursement is also available for recipients from New Castle and Sussex Counties. Please contact Erica Schetter at (302) 669-3033 or p2p@defv.org for more information.

DE Family Voices At LIFE Conference 2015

We hope to see you at LIFE Conference 2015! Be sure to stop by the Delaware Family Voices exhibit and see how we can help you. Learn about upcoming training sessions and support groups, and how they might benefit you and your family.

Delaware Family Voices

Will you be attending LIFE Conference 2015? Have you attended prior LIFE conferences? Share your experiences with us!

LIFE = Legislation Independence Family Education


Delaware Family Voices is a 501 C3 Non-profit organization. A Donation to our organization helps support Delaware families in need.

Images from LIFE Conference 2015 and Delaware Family Voices.

Join Us! October Parent Respite Co-Op Meet & Greets

October 6, 2014

Delaware Family Voices is hosting two special Parent Respite Co-Op opportunities this October.

What is the Parent Respite Co-Op?

The parent-run Respite Co-Op is a free child care exchange for parents of children with special health care needs in New Castle County.

Respite Co-Ops

Join us at one, or both, of our October meetings to learn more about this Respite Co-Op opportunity and the unique way you can receive respite care.

October Respite Co-Op Meeting Details

The Parent Respite Care Exchange Co-op is hosting two October Meet and Greet events. Don’t miss this opportunity for a night of networking with other parents, meeting the children, refreshments, and fun.

1. When: Monday, October 13 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Where: Easter Seals Blg – Large Conference Room, 61 Corporate Circle, New Castle DE 19720

2. When: Saturday, October 18 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Where: Ebenezer United Methodist Church, 525 Polly Drummond Rd.,  Newark, DE 19711

RSVP required to Peggy Prygon at 302-669-3032, or via email at peggy@defv.org.

Link to event flyer, Parent Respite Co-Op Meet & Greets.

Hope To See You There!

Join us this October for the opportunity to connect with other families with similar needs, and a chance for the kids with hang out with other kids.

See you soon!

Delaware Family Voices Launches New Website!

June 13, 2013

It’s a whole new look for Delaware Family Voices online. Check it out!


A New Design, A Valuable Resource

The Delaware Family Voices redesigned website has made it’s debut. This new and improved website is a treasure trove of information and resources on a wide variety of topics important to you and your family. Find helpful links, valuable resources, and tips of all kinds, all right at your fingertips. Website pages include:

The new website also includes dedicated online request for information options for each of our Programs, making it even easier for you to contact us with your specific needs.


Bookmark the website, then check back frequently for fresh, new and relevant information.

Helpful information is all around us. If you have a resource you think we should consider including on the website, let us know. Help us help others!

We are confident you will find the new Delaware Family Voices website a valuable resource, but if you do find an error or a link that doesn’t work, please let us know. Launching a brand new website is lots of work, and we are still tweaking and fine-tuning the website.

So come on over, stop by, check out the new website, and get to know this valuable resource.

Our Website Is Your Website

Would you like to share your story about how Delaware Family Voices helped you? Let us know! The website includes a whole new feature dedicated to our families. Leave us a message if you would like to take part in a photo or video display that will be featured on the website. More details will follow shortly about this exciting volunteer activity.


We encourage family involvement in all our projects, including the website. And remember – Delaware Family Voices is here to help you with your medically complex child’s health care and behavioral health needs. Call us with your questions.

So what do you think? Do you like our new online home? Let us know in the Comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.



Delaware Family Voices is a 501 C3 Non-profit organization. Consider Donating to our organization and help support Delaware families in need.


Next Parent To Parent Workshop Is Almost Here!

April 30, 2013

Are you the parent of a child with diabetes, a chronic respiratory condition, or a chronic cardiac condition? Would you like to help other families with similar chronic medical issues?

Consider training to become a Support Parent and be a part of a network of families supporting families. Learn how to effectively share your knowledge and experience to help support other families who are dealing with similar situations.

Help Others – Become A Support Parent!

Delaware Family Voices (DEFV) is the only organization in Delaware approved by Parent to Parent USA  to participate in the national Parent to Parent program. Through Parent to Parent Workshops, we provide the training and skills necessary to become a Support Parent.


Once trained, Support Parents are then matched with families with similar circumstances. Support Parents help these families by providing them with emotional support and guidance as they navigate their child’s diagnosis. Learn more about the program through the following three resources: Introducing The Delaware Parent Partners ProgramHelp Us Help Parents Become A Parent Partner, and Parent to Parent USA.

Don’t Miss Our Next Parent to Parent Workshop!

Delaware Family Voices’s next Parent To Parent Workshop is just around the corner. Register now and learn more about the Parent To Parent program and how you can become a Support Parent.

When: Tuesday, May 7th
Time:  9am – 2pm
Where: Easter Seals Building- 61 Corporate Circle New Castle, DE 19720

A light lunch will be provided and child care reimbursement is available.

Kindly RSVP by May 3rd  to Ann Phillips at (302) 221-5360 or annp@defv.org. Class size is limited.

Please call Delaware Family Voices at (302) 221-5360 with any questions.

Hope to see you at the workshop.


Delaware Family Voices is a 501 C3 Non-profit organization. Consider donating to our organization via United Way #12691.


Image from Parent to Parent USA.

Help Us Help Parents – Become A Parent Partner

February 21, 2013

Delaware Family Voices provides information to families of children with special health care needs. We are parents just like you who are raising our own children with special healthcare needs. Delaware Family Voices also supports our families and the professionals who serve our families by offering workshops and training sessions.

Parent Partners Delaware

Delaware Family Voices is currently working on a project to assess the unmet needs of families of children with chronic health conditions in Delaware. Our goal is to identify resources for these families, and to increase the number and availability of community organizations and systems to better serve these families. To fulfill our work under this grant, we have created the Parent Partners Program.

Who Are Parent Partners?

Parent Partners are the parents of a child or youth with one of the following medical conditions:

– Any type of diabetes

– A chronic respiratory condition

– A chronic cardiac condition

The child may have additional co-existing conditions, but we are initially focusing on these three conditions as representative of all chronic conditions.

Support groups for Kids with disabilities

What Does A Parent Partner Do?

A Parent Partner will have several responsibilities, including:

Complete the training program to become a Support Parent in the Parent To Parent program. More details about the program are found below and at the Parent To Parent USA website.

Distribute materials about the program to medical offices and other places where families of children with chronic medical conditions are likely to be.

Support the work of the Parent to Parent Coordinator by promoting the Parent to Parent program and training for Parent to Parent volunteers.

Help collect information from other families about the unmet needs of their children with chronic health conditions.

Help identify the availability of resources for families.

Provide recommendations to service providers, policy makers, and others on strategies to address these unmet needs.

Parent Partners who have full participation in the Parent To Parent program may receive a stipend of up to $250 plus travel expenses. Parent Partners who participate at a lower level may receive reimbursement for travel expenses.

Parent  To Parent Support Group

How Can You Help?

By becoming a Parent Partner! We would love to have you join us as a Parent Partner as we implement this important project.

Delaware Family Voices is in need of Parent Partners to represent all three Delaware counties. If you are interested, and would like to learn more about either the Parent Partner program or Parent To Parent, please contact Ann Phillips, Executive Director of Delaware Family Voices at (302) 221- 5360.


What is The Parent To Parent Program?

Delaware Family Voices hosts the Delaware chapter of the Parent to Parent USA national program, which is dedicated to supporting families of children who have a special health care need, disability, or mental health issue. Through the use of one-to-one “matches,” the program brings together experienced Support Parents and parents of newly diagnosed children (Referred Parents). Support Parents provide support and guidance to the Referred Parents as they navigating their way through their child’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Support Parents and Referred Parents are matched as closely as possible by the child’s diagnosis and other factors to ensure the best possible advise and help are provided to the Referred Parent. A Support Parent’s goal is to help a Referred Parent with adjusting to the new diagnosis and the family’s “new normal.” Support Parents provide a listening ear and emotional support as well as a means of locating relevant resources in a way that only a parent who “has been there” can provide. For additional information about the Parent To Parent program, please refer to the Parent To Parent website.

Parent To Parent  program


Delaware Family Voices is a 501 C3 Non-profit organization. Consider donating to our organization via United Way #12691.

Images from Parent To Parent USA.

Federation of Families Is Coming to Delaware

February 15, 2013

Do you know a child or adolescent who struggles with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues? Are you searching for assistance, and don’t know where to turn? Would you like to connect with families who are also coping with similar issues? Perhaps the National Federation of Families For Children’s Mental Health and Delaware Family Voices can help.


Through a grant awarded to Delaware Family Voices, we will be working with the National Federation of Families For Children’s Mental Health to create a Delaware chapter of Federation of Families. Delaware Family Voices is currently searching for families to become involved with the Delaware chapter and help us establish this much needed resource in Delaware.

What is Federation of Families?

The National Federation of Families For Children’s Mental Health is a family-run organization with chapters throughout the United States, whose focus is on the issues of children and youth with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs, and the families who care for these children.

Emotional, behavioral and mental health needs can affect families from every corner of society. These needs know no boundaries, affecting people at all income and educational levels, geographic locations, and racial, ethnic and religious groups. They affect single parent as well as two parent families, birth families to adoptive and foster families. Members of The Federation represent this very diverse group.


What can the National Federation of Families Do For You?

At the national level, members of National Federation work to develop and implement policies, legislation, funding, and services for families affected by emotional, behavioral and mental health issues.  The organization emphasizes advocacy, giving families a voice in what they need to care for their children and youth mental health needs.

Specifically, the National Federation helps family by:

Providing advocacy at the national level for the rights of children and youth with mental health challenges.

Providing leadership and assistance to the nation-wide network of Federation of Families organizations, including the Delaware Family Voices chapter.

Working with other organizations to transform national policies on mental health care for children and youth with mental health challenges, and the families that care for them.

The organization’s website is also chock full of helpful resources for families and their children. Topics include:

Resources for Families – Find definitions, fact sheets, newsletters, and other helpful information about mental health issues. Learn more about connecting with others through webinars, conference calls, and the community forum.

Resources for Youth – It’s all about youth empowerment here! This section is specifically for youth and youth leaders to learn more about taking charge of their own mental health concerns.

Resources for Certified Parent Support Providers – Learn more about what it takes to become a certified parent support provider.

Browse the Publication Database for articles, fact sheets and other information across all topics related to children and families coping with mental health challenges.

By working with families who know all too well the toll mental health challenges can take on the whole family, the National Federation of Families hopes to improve the lives of everyone coping with these challenges.

How Can You Help?

Parents are the driving force behind a successful Federation of Families chapter, and to bring this program with all it’s wonderful resources to Delaware, we need parent partners. Delaware Family Voices will work with these parents to provide them with the tools and training they need to become effective parent partners with Federation of Families.

Training for parent partners will include organizational development, non-profit management, community development, business practices, financing of services, sustainability, leadership development, resiliency in children and families, and EPSDT mandate for children.

A parent partner can contribute at any level of support. There is something for everyone who wants to help create the Delaware chapter, from administrative to peer support, to note taking and sharing your story. Parent partners are the voice to empower other families and create system change.

Would you like to learn more about the Delaware chapter of National Federation of Families? Would you like to become a part of the effort to improve the lives of children with mental health issues? If so, please contact Peggy Prygon at 302-221-5363 or email her at peggy@defv.org.


Click on this link to learn more about the National Federation of Families and it’s mission. Because children’s mental health matters.

Need assistance and don’t live in Delaware? You can either call Peggy and she can help get you to the resources you need, or you may contact the National Federation of Families directly via this Contact Form or 240-403-1901. You can also search the Find A Local Chapter page to locate possible resources in your area.


Delaware Family Voices is a 501 C3 Non-profit organization. Consider donating to our organization via United Way #12691.