Meet Peggy Prygon and The Statewide Family Healthcare Initiative

December 13, 2012

Delaware Family Voices was recently awarded the Statewide Family Healthcare grant. The purpose of this grant is to address the needs of children and families with mental health needs, and to serve as a catalyst for positive system changes in children’s mental health care.


Delaware Family Voices also recently hired Peggy Prygon. Peggy joins the DEFV staff with the primary objective of managing the Statewide Family Healthcare grant. As project coordinator, Peggy’s role is to advocate for families of children with healthcare needs, and to help them navigate the healthcare system.

2012DecPeggyImgPeggy is the mother of two children, one of whom has developmental disabilities. Formerly an elementary school teacher with special education experience, Peggy has also worked as a market research assistant and in library circulations.

Here are Peggy’s own words on joining Delaware Family Voices and taking on the Statewide Family Healthcare project:

“I am enthusiastic about my new position at Delaware Family Voices. I am excited to have the opportunity to implement the goals of our Statewide Family Healthcare grant. Our hope is that family driven care will be established, allowing families to share an equal role and partnership with physicians and clinicians in determining what is best for their children and what services will be provided.”

The Statewide Family Healthcare grant will also enable Delaware Family Voices, lead by Peggy, to develop the Delaware chapter of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health.


The Federation’s mission is to ensure that:

  • Families have access to effective and competent care for children with special mental health care needs, and
  • Family driven care is upheld, giving families, parents and caregivers of children with mental health needs a full partnership in the decision making of their children’s care.

Most importantly, the Statewide Family Healthcare Initiative grant will help Delaware Family Voices foster positive system changes for families and children affected by mental health challenges.


We are excited to have Peggy join Delaware Family Voices. Her presence will enable us to expand our mental health programs and further assist Delaware families. Please join us in welcoming Peggy.

If you have any questions about the Statewide Family Healthcare grant or the Federation of Families program, please contact Peggy at or (302) 221-5363.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Differently Abled Kids

November 20, 2012

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Black Friday is right around the corner, and before you know it, it’ll be December. Have you started your Holiday shopping yet? Do you have someone on your shopping list that might be differently abled?

Shopping for a special child, one who is differently abled, can sometimes be a challenge. How do you identify just the right gift? How do you know that toy will meet the child’s special needs?

Perhaps one of these toy guides can help. Each guide is a treasure trove of gift ideas for children who are differently abled, and can help you shop with confidence for a special toy for that special someone.


Toys-R-Us has put together a very comprehensive Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids that can help guide you to that perfect gift for your someone special.

The Toys-R-Us toy guide helps pinpoint toys to enhance a specific developmental skill. Sort toys within each skill set by age, gender, brand, character theme, and price. Searchable developmental skill categories include – Auditory SkillsCreativity SkillsFine Motor SkillsGross Motor SkillsLanguage SkillsSelf Esteem SkillsSocial Skills SkillsTactile SkillsThinking Skills, and Visual Skills.

Fat Brain Toys

The Fat Brain Toys for Special Needs Children is chock full of gift ideas, including exclusive listings of toys recommended by industry experts.

Not only does Fat Brain provide suggestions by specific diagnosis (brain injury, autism, dyslexia), it also breaks toys down by specific developmental goals (auditory comprehension, writing skills). It’s a veritable A to Z list of toy ideas for special needs. Need a few more gift ideas? Check out Fat Brain’s Awarding Winning Toys list.

Save with these three special offers for Fat Brain shoppers:

  • Free standard shipping on orders over $99.
  • Use Coupon Code NG-7857 to receive an additional 10% off your order, now through the end of November.
  • Register for a $250 give-away now through December 14th.

Beyond Play

Beyond Play offers an extensive selection of products for infants, toddlers, and children in the early elementary grades. Find gift ideas for kids of differing abilities, including fun and educational games as well as specialized products for early intervention and special needs. Find just the right gift with Beyond Play’s different search options, where you can search by key word, by category, or by product feature to find exactly what you want.

Beyond Play works with a team of consultants who are experienced in child development and special needs. Know that you have the insight and experience of childhood development specialists guiding your gift selection.

Fun And Function

Fun and Function‘s mission is to help children achieve their best with skill building toys and therapy equipment for special needs. Find a wide range of toys and products to enhance a wide range of developmental skills.

National Autism Resources

Looking for gift ideas for that someone special who has autism? Check out the Toy and Gift guide for Children and Teens with Autism, Asperger’s, and PDD-NOS, from National Autism Resources. has ten inspiring recommendations of fun stuff for kids with Down Syndrome, autism, juvenile arthritis, cerebral palsy and sensory integration. Check out their 10 Toys Great for Kids with Special Needs.

Are you shopping for a differently abled child? Do you have any tips or recommendations you’d like to share? Let us know  in the Comments section below.