An Apple Event for Kids With Autism

November 11, 2012

Do you or someone you know have a child or adolescent on the autism spectrum? Would you like to explore how an Apple touch screen device might benefit someone with autism?

Do you already own an Apple iPad or iPod? Would you like to learn more about applications that could help a child or adolescent with autism?

Are you confused by the number of Apple products and apps that can assist someone with autism? Would you like to talk directly with an expert who can help guide you to what might best fit you and your child’s needs?

Are you a teacher or therapist working with children on the autism spectrum? Would you like to learn more about how Apple devices and apps could benefit your classroom or therapy sessions?

Is your child on the autism spectrum easily overwhelmed by crowds? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your child into the Apple store when it was closed to the general public?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps we can help!

Join Delaware Family Voices, Autism Delaware and The Apple Store for a Special Event

Delaware Family Voices and Autism Delaware have partnered with the Apple Store in Christiana Mall to create a store event dedicated to children and youth on the Autism Spectrum.

During this special event:

  • The Apple Store will be open exclusively to children with autism and their parents.
  • The store will be closed to the general public for the duration of the event.
  • Only those who have pre-registered for the event will be in the store.
  • Trained Apple Experts will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate products and apps.
  • You and your child will be able to explore Apple products in a safe and quiet environment, no crowds, minimal noise.

Learn how Apple touch screen devices and apps can benefit children on the autism spectrum, including meeting communication, sequencing, social skills and other autism spectrum needs.

Teachers and therapists are also invited to the event. Explore how Apple devices may be viable tools in the academic environment.

Event Details:

Where: The Apple Store, Christiana Mall, Delaware

When: Tuesday, November 20th

Time: 8:00am-9:30am,

Note: Pre-registration is required.

This is a sensory friendly event. Pre-registration is required and space is limited.  Please contact Delaware Family Voices at 302-221-5362 or to register or to learn more about this event.

Come join us Tuesday, Nov. 20th. Learn how an Apple touch screen device can benefit a child or adolescent on the autism spectrum.


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Five Tips For A Healthy Back to School

September 18, 2012

It’s that time of year again – time to send the kids back to school. To help smooth the transition, here are five tips that will help your kids start school off on the right foot, and help them stay that way throughout the school year. It’s not just about the pens, notebooks, binders and backpacks!

1. Get a good night’s sleep. Studies show that not getting enough sleep can greatly decrease a child’s ability to learn. Children at different ages have different amounts of sleep needed per night. Follow these general guidelines when determining how much sleep your child should get:

  • Ages 3-5 need 11-13 hours of sleep.
  • Ages 5-10 need 10-11 hours of sleep.
  • Older children and teens need betwee 8.5 and 9.25 hours of sleep.

2. Establish routines. Most children function better when they know what to expect, and what is expected of them. A routine daily schedule is especially helpful for anxious children, children on the autism spectrum or with other conditions. Establish a routine that works best for your family, and you might just find that your mornings (and evenings) run more smoothly and calmly.

3. Prepare healthy meals. Studies show that a good breakfast is the best way to start anyone’s day. A healthy lunch is equally as important for kids to maintain their energy and learning power throughout the school day. Consider these tips when preparing for your children’s lunch. What better way to have your child eat healthy at school than to pack inventive lunches?

  • Alert your child’s school to any food allergies before an allergic reaction becomes an issue.
  • Be creative with packed lunches. A brown bag lunch doesn’t have to be a sandwich and chips.
  • Fresh cut fruit and veggies, cheese, and hard cooked eggs pack and travel well, and are healthy lunch choices.
  • Kids love dips. A small container of yogurt to dip fruit, or hummus with veggies will thrill most children. They may not even realize how healthy they are eating!

Bonus breakfast tip – Consider preparing quick breakfasts on the weekend for ‘grab and go’ foods on those busy mornings.

4. Prepare the night before. Help get the kids out the door more quickly and smoothly by completing tasks the night before that you might otherwise do in the morning. This will help both you and your child get out the door less frazzled and better prepared to take on the new school day. Consider doing these tasks the night before:

  • Repack backpacks. Once homework is completed, repack backpacks and place them near the door you will leave out of. Include signed permission slips and forms, or other necessary documents.
  • Round up any necessary musical instruments and sports stuff needed for the next day and place with the backpacks.
  • If your child packs lunch, prepare as much as possible before bedtime. Snacks and drink bottles can easily be set up the night before.
  • For younger kids, or kids who may need the extra help, lay out their clothes for the next day.
  • Make breakfast plans and set out non-refridgerated items. Get a jump on the morning food rush and save precious morning time.

5. Create and post a weekly calendar. Calm the weekly chaos by preparing a calendar. Then talk about the coming days’ activities with your kids at a time that works best for them. Perhaps it is over dinner. Perhaps it is when you are getting backpacks ready. Find what works best for your family and include calendar review in your daily routine. Here’s a few suggestions to setting up your own family calendar:

  • Use a white board that can be easily modified during the week.
  • Post the calendar in a central location that is easily visible to everyone.
  • Include both family and school activities.
  • Have a unique color code for each child so everyone can have a better visual of their own activities.

Creating a weekly calendar not only gives you a snap-shot of the week, it also is especially helpful for an anxious child to “see” what is happening this week.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Let us know in the Comments section below.

On Your Way Back with a New Pack Festival

July 9, 2012

Get Ready for School!

Faith Victory Christian Center’s Back Pack Festival will be held on Saturday, August 4th, 2012.

Faith Victory Christian Center’s backpack drive festival will provide 1000 free, new backpacks containing school supplies to children with special needs, homeless, underpriviledged, foster, abused, and neglected children across the Delmarva region. Backpacks will also be provided to their siblings. Children from Kindergarten to 9th grade, as well as their siblings, are eligible.

If your child, or someone you know, might qualify for a free backpack, please contact the Faith Victory Christian Center as soon as possible. Faith Victory Christian Center will need the first name and age of everyone eligible for a backpack prior to the event. Contact one of the following Center members for more information and to register a child for a free backpack:

Details for the August 4th On Your Way Back With A New Pack back-to-school bash:

To receive a backpack, qualified children and their siblings must attend the August 4th event, and must be accompanied by staff, parents, or guardians. No transportation to the park will be provided.

Bring the whole family on Saturday for food and fun festivities. Activities will include a barbeque and carnival foods, face painting, games, prizes, karate demonstrations, and even a moonbounce, as well as guest speakers and live performances.

When: Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Time: 1:00 pm to 6:00pm

Where: Alapocas Run State Park, Wilmington DE

Alapocas Run State Park also has a Can-Do Playground, the first Boundless Playground in Delaware. This playground is specially designed to be accessible to every child, regardless of physical, mental or sensory abilities.

NOTE: The festival is open to the general public for $5/person. Children receiving backpacks and their families are admitted to the festivities free of charge.

Additional information about this event can be found at the FVCC’s website, Faith Victory Christian Center’s backpack giveaway event.

Back To School Resources

September 14, 2011

Its that time of year again. The children are busy and back in school. Unfortunately with school comes the struggle of dealing with homework and other difficult aspects of learning. This is especially trying if your child has ADHD or any type of learning disability. Thanks to the Learning Disability Online Newsletter we have some great back to school resources to share!